Qiujun Yu, MD, PhD

Qiujun Yu, MD, PhD

2015-2018  |  Current position:  Intern in Internal Medicine at University of Iowa

Qiujun graduated from the Fourth Military Medical University in China with MD and PhD degrees, and completed residency in internal medicine and fellowship training in Cardiology in Xijing hospital, Xi’an, China. Her previous research interests were metabolic and redox regulations of myocardium and cardiac microvasculature in ischemic heart disease. She joined Chan lab in 2015 as a postdoc associate working on novel roles of long-noncoding RNA in pulmonary hypertension and molecular mechanics of mitochondrial metabolism in pulmonary vascular biology.


Kevin White, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow: 2011-2013

Current Position: Investigator II (Novartis)

Thomas Bertero, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow: 2013-2015

Current position: Principal Investigator, University of Nice, France

Pil-Ki Min, MD, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow: 2013-2015

Current position: Principal Investigator and Cardiologist, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

Yu Lu, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow: 2012-2015

Current position: Scientist, Harvard Medical School


Joseph Chen

Joseph Chen

Undergraduate researcher: 2016-2017

Current position: Undergraduate Student

Katherine (Alex) Cottrill

Student/Computational specialist: 2010-2016

Current position: Creative writer

Andrew Hale

Student/Technician: 2010-2014

Current position: PhD student (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Joseph Park

Student: 2012-2015

Current position: MSTP (MD, PhD) student, University of Pennsylvania


Sofia Annis

Technician: 2012-2015

Current position: Graduate student (PhD), Northeastern University

Sarah Hwang

Technician: 2013-2014

Current position: Technician